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Tutorial Organization

Welcome to the Recognizing Performance tutorial. The tutorial is organized into three sections:

The first section, which you are currently in, describes the Recognizing Performance Process and gives you an overview of the Performance Database itself.

The second section describes how to complete your portion of the Recognizing Performance Process.

The third section addresses specific technical aspects of the online database. It includes a Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions section

Tutorial Navigation

You can use the top navigation to access any part of the tutorial you need to view.  This allows you to jump around the tutorial based on specific instructions or information you may need at any given time during the process.

Previous/Next Navigation Links

The Previous/Next navigation is used to navigate through the tutorial in a sequential manner and is designed to match the actual 'Recognizing Performance' process.  To go backward in a tutorial, click the 'Previous' link.  To move forward in a tutorial, click the 'Next' link. This navigation is located directly above and below each tutorial.

Employee Tutorial Home Link

The 'Employee Tutorial Home' link located between the 'Previous' and 'Next' links will return you to the home page of the Employee's Tutorial.

Print Page Link/Icon

You may wish to keep a copy of a particular section of the tutorial.  To print the page, click on the 'Print Page' link/icon.  Your Windows print wizard will display and you can select the printing requirements you want.

Email Questions Link/Icon

You may have  questions or comments as you navigate through the tutorial.  To email your comments or questions, click on the 'Email Questions' link/icon.  Complete the email, The 'Subject' field is automatically filled in for you with the name of the page you are currently on. The 'To' field in the email is also automatically filled in for you.

Tutorial Design

  • This Module Will Cover - Provides information on what will be covered in the Module.
  • Introduction - Provides important background or 'need to know' information.
  • Tutorial Instruction Pages - Each tutorial page will display the instruction on the left and a graphical depiction on the right.



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